My tutor was really nice and explained questions in a simple and logical manner. The extra practice papers and the questions in the book were really useful practice too.

SALEEMOffer from Birmingham, Durham and King’s College

I went to three different LNAT courses and yours was the best one – the book was great and the tutor was happy to stay behind after the course to explain things to me. Thank you!

SHAUNOffer from Oxford, UCL and King’s College

Every step of this tuition process was smooth, as well as a dedicated tutor I had a dedicated member of the senior UniAdmissions team to help with any other questions!

CHADOOffer from Oxford for Economics and Management

I don’t think I would have done as well in my test if it wasn’t for the encouragement and support from my tutor, who e-mailed me on the day of the test to see how I had done.

MAKENNAOffer from Cambridge for Land Economy

I would recommend Jonas to a friend without any hesitation, he was superb and his advice about structuring my essay was top-notch. Thank you!

OBERTOffer from Oxford for PPE

Being able to go through mock test questions with the group was really useful and everyone was so helpful and approachable.

JAMESOffers from Oxford and King's College

Being able to discuss the essay section with the tutors and other students on the course as a group was really constructive.

JINAOffers from Oxford and UCL

The tutor explained all aspects of the TSA really well and gave lots of very useful advice. Approachable and honest, the course really made me ready for the test.

SHARONOffer from UCL

David was great – he really knew his stuff and was always available to answer my calls and emails at short notice. Worth every penny.

ANKITOffer from Cambridge, Imperial, Leeds, Southampton

It was really helpful being able to sit the mock paper under time conditions and then going through it with David, who was excellent. I now feel a lot more confident about the exam.


INDRAJEETOffer from Sheffield, Barts and Edinburgh

The tutor I was assigned was really professional and understood everything I was going through. That really helped me to get through my test.

GABBYOffer from Kings College, Barts and Birmingham

I was struggling with the time limits in some of the sections and I was starting to panic, until I went through UniAdmissions. Zenab was great and taught me lots of little time saving techniques that really helped.

HENNAOffer from Barts, Queen Mary’s and Liverpool

I really liked my tutor and the work we did together but the resources were really helpful too, and it meant that I could study in my own time as well.

COLINOffer from Manchester, King’s College and UCL

The video lectures were great and the tutors that made them are obviously very knowledgeable about the UKCAT and how to approach it.

ukcat reviews
OWENOffer from UCL, Manchester and Birmingham

Living abroad, Your online course was perfect for me. I found it really useful when it came to preparing for my test. Thank you!

MICHAELOffer from King’s College, Aberdeen and Manchester