Essentially the only book you need to get in order to ace your OSCEs – has a surprising amount of detail for such a concise book yet its still incredibly easy to learn from.

Sophie, Medicine 6th Year Cambridge

Awesome book which covers virtually every medical and surgical presenting complaint. The sections on abdominal and chest pain are particularly well organised. 5 Stars!

Jon, Medicine 5th Year Imperial

Awesome, clear guidelines I’m using to prepare for third year OSCE. I’m hoping to streamline my history taking so I don’t miss any important questions under the time pressure – definitely recommend.

Ayesha, Medicine 3rd year Kings

I was struggling with the time limits in some of the UKCAT sections and I was starting to panic, until I went through UniAdmissions. Zenab was great and taught me lots of little time saving techniques that really helped.

MarcusOffers from Barts, Queen Mary’s and Liverpool

David was great – he really knew his stuff and was always available to answer my calls and emails at short notice. Worth every penny.


AnkitOffers from Cambridge, Imperial, Leeds, Southampton.

I really can’t reccomend Heather enough – Daniel found her guidance so useful that we booked her for his cambridge interview. Her tips about the electricity questions were first-class.


Shaun – ParentOffers from Cambridge, UCL and Barts.

So helpful in my preparation – the whole day is packed and the tutors are great.

MARINAOffer from Murray Edwards College, Cambridge

I feel so much better about the NSAA. The course was really useful and the support from the tutors has been excellent.

JOSEPHOffer from Magdalene College, Cambridge

It was really helpful being able to sit the mock paper under time conditions and then going through it with the tutor, who was excellent. I now feel a lot more confident about the exam.

MARYOffer from St John’s College, Cambridge

Before the course, I wasn’t getting any section 2 questions right. If you’re having doubts, just go – you’ll thank yourself later.

JAMESOffer from St John’s College, Cambridge

Henry’s way of teaching suited me perfectly – I can finally write good LNAT essays now! Thanks!

MICHAELOffer from Durham, UCL and Oxford

Orin was very knowledgeable. She knew exactly what she was talking about and I used most of her tips in my test.  10/10.

BILAMOffer from UCL, Bristol and Oxford

Melody was fantastic – she demystified complex passages and made sure I understood them before moving on.

AMRITOffer from Glasgow, King’s College and Bristol

I took the LNAT last week and passed. Thank you so much for your help – the techniques you covered in the course were really useful. I’ll be recommending you to my school.

JEANOffer from Oxford, Cambridge and UCL

The best value for money- the resources UniAdmissions gave out were so useful closer to my test.

XIAODIOffer from Birmingham, Durham and King’s College