Fantastic guide with lots of practice questions, supplemented with clear and concise answers to all the questions.


I highly recommend this book! I bought it in preparation for my TSA exam and I now feel fully prepared; the variety and quantity of questions provided allowed me to gain an understanding of all the questions I could be asked. Moreover, the worked solutions and time-saving techniques were a great help…


Genuinely quite helpful in explaining how to approach different types of questions. Got me to interview at least!


Very helpful book. It made revision much easier as I was instantly able to find the solutions to BMAT questions that I was stuck with.


This saved me from having to look through long pages of forums to find an unclear answer. Although I didn’t get around to finishing all of the questions in the book, it was definitely reassuring knowing that if I ever ran out of the BMAT past papers there was another resource I could turn to for more practice.


This book is a great place to start for BMAT revision, the essay section is very detailed and they have complied past papers into one folder for you (online), which is so helpful!


Does what it says on the cover – can’t really fault it. Helped me get an interview at Oxford.


Used the UKCAT book from the same publisher so thought to try the BMAT book as well. Love the top tips boxes and the way it solves the physics questions as I’m not doing physics A level. I’m sure this helped my test score I scored 6.9 in the science section.


Good book for practice questions to do before attempting past papers, especially for Section 2. The tips provided for both Section 1 and 2 were useful. Would recommend for those looking for something to chew on before doing timed exam paper practice.

J. Allan

Very helpful book! Has really aided in my preparation for my LNAT exam and I have gained many good skills. It is very good due to the large amount of questions which help you revise and the essay examples have helped me know how to structure my Section B answer.


After a lot of research and seeing the books my friends have used, I really recommend this book as I honestly think it is the best preparation. The questions resemble the real ones used in the LNAT and the advice is really useful. This book is essential for anyone seriously considering applying for Law.


A very comprehensive guide to the LNAT exam with tons of excellent practice questions that can really help improve your analytical skills. Great tips and advice pages helped clear any questions I had. Excellent practice book and guide that I recommend to students who plan to sit the LNAT.


I am absolutely thrilled to have this book. Once I started doing it the nervousness I had about the data making section is gone.
The book is very big and gives you lot of practice.


Best available in the market.
My score in practice exam is almost hitting 800+ already!I have few books and I can say that decision-making section is the best (in this book) out of the three that I have.


This book helped me prepare for my UKCAT with a variety of questions. I’d say that some, particularly towards the end of each section, are a lot more difficult than the actual test, but I then took the test and found that my results were a lot better than I had expected. I would recommend!

Rebecca Jacques