The only book on this subject and it is a great book. Questions with detailed explanations. Strongly recommended!


I was really worried about the PBSAA as it’s such a new test so there aren’t really any materials available for it. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this book – there are lots of questions with good advice at the start of each section too.


This book helped me prepare for my LNAT a lot, it provided loads of insightful questions along with the answers as well as immaculate essay prep and I would definitely recommend it, especially if you need a background to the set up and timing in the exam.


The material is well written and up to date. The range of material is wide and so much depth in answers. Lots of questions to master your skills and speed up.


The best book out there for LNAT prep. There are many practice questions which were very similar to the actual LNAT test questions.


The LNAT guide has a great layout with clear and helpful advice for test day and a worked explanation to both essays and questions to help clear up any misunderstanding on any of the questions attempted which is so, so useful. The authors clearly have a lot of experience within the admissions field.


This book is very well written and professionally delivered. Its a no nonsense book which goes straight to the point without the ‘heavy + exhausting’ approach other books tends to adopt. The sensible and honest approach is easy to remember and digest. Absolutely a must-have! Will be on look out for further publications.


I am glad I made this purchase. No matter what people say, there is no such thing as a spontaneous interview. One needs to be prepared, very prepared, especially if its the Oxbridge interviews. This book along with the author’s TSA guide helped me get all the way through!


I found this book very useful especially because each course subject is divided into sections and questions well explained. I would recommend this book to anyone who has been invited for an interview at Oxbridge.


Got this because it was the only book devoted to Oxbridge interviews. There are LOADS of example questions and it’s really useful seeing how you should approach seemingly impossible questions e.g. “Calculate the weight of the earth.” (Using mass = density x volume or using gravitational force = centripetal force) etc. Overall – a great buy if you’re considering applying for Oxbridge.


Clear, and logical chains of reasoning for every single question. Essential for TSA prep, I don’t know what I would’ve done without it.


Great guide!- very helpful to understand the reasons behind the answers. Detailed and precise commentary on the answers, prefect preparation.


Very helpful, sometimes you DO need to know how and why an answer is correct in order to make real progress.


Extremely useful when preparing for the TSA. Essay plans are written to great levels of detail and there are comprehensive solutions to every question.


The book was extremely useful in allowing you to understand where you had gone wrong as well as showing you quicker methods of getting to answers.