Excellent book. Helped me with my SJT preparation. This book has a good range of general tips and tricks and the practice questions with solutions help well with the revision as well. I would suggest this book for anybody looking for addition SJT revision material and techniques for the actual exam.


Excellent book for all aspects of the medical application.


Got this for my brother who’s looking to apply to Cambridge for Medicine – it has first rate advice given by doctors who have been through the system – I wish I’d had it when I applied last year.


A great book for aspiring medics. Its effectively a personal statement, UKCAT, BMAT, Interview and general advice book all rolled into one. Covers each part in a lot of details and has hundreds of example questions. Absolute Must for any medical applicant.


I am a careers advisor at a local 6th form college and picked up a whole stack of “medical application” books for our library a fortnight ago. This book is by far the best one as it covers every aspect of the medical application from start to finish


Bought this alongside two other personal statement books. Particularly liked the commentary on successful statements. There is almost a full A4 page commenting on each and every statement making it an excellent resource.


The only book you need for your medical statement – the example statements are particularly helpful as each of them has a detailed analysis.

Amy Lou

This Guide is particularly helpful and well structured, and supports you every stage of writing your statement. The examples of statements sorted per subject are very useful and show the best way to introduce yourself to admissions tutors.

Amazon Customer

Every prospective student needs this book in their lives! For me, the personal statement was one of the most confusing and intimidating parts of the whole application process. But this book guides you through it, step by step, which helps make the whole thing a lot less scary.


Excellent book, gives an idea of what you need to include, tips that can’t be found easily online alone.


Very nicely written book. Great examples and clues to what those reading the personal statement are looking for. Strongly recommended.

Amazon Customer

This is an excellent book which we found very useful when writing the personal statement. It has examples of past personal statements for different subjects and explains the good and bad points of each one.


Great book. Highly recommend!


Massive textbook – has all you need to do well in the test – assuming you get time to go through it!


Bought this book as I’m sitting the PBSAA and am very satisfied, explains all about the test and gives lots of examples for practice.