A Lot of stuff inside which are quite useful to perspective students! Mountains of questions to try!


Really helpful and a good variety of questions to prepare for the ECAA.


The ECAA Guide is a must-buy! It features lots of questions on both the problem-solving and advanced maths section. It is the best book for preparing for the Cambridge Economics Test.


While the Cambridge ENGAA site has questions and such, they do not have the clear well structured worked solutions like the book. As well as many more questions to try. This is a difficult exam which will need all kinds of techniques which are all embedded in this book.


A great book. Full of practice questions which is great as there are not many online. Would recommend highly.


This book was bought for my daughter who is currently preparing for the ENGAA she had previosuly been struggling to improve but this guide has proved itself most useful in her revision now. With worked solutions with step by step working, would definitely recommend.


I am a prospective Cambridge applicant currently preparing for the ENGAA myself and this book is by far the most stimulating book in order to prepare me for this admission test, I look forward to re-writing a review if I am offered a place for engineering at Cambridge University.


Best book for revision practice. The questions were really helpful as they gave questions like what comes up in the exam and the tips given were extremely helpful in the exam. Would have liked for more section 2 practice however I would most definitely recommend this book to anyone who is taking the ENGAA exam.


This book is really, really good. I had so many questions and explains the answers. I used this to revise for my Cambridge entry exam for engineering. I found this book really helpful as there are not many past papers on the ENGAA papers as they just introduced. So I would really recommend this. It will give you more range of questions.


Really helped me with my revision. Very clear and good acronyms for remembering key points in histories! My friends and I have all been using it to prepare for our OSCEs this year, highly recommend.


Highly recommend it, useful tips, concise, relevant, useful tips to aid recall, good selection and breadth of histories.


Awesome, clear guidelines I’m using to prepare for third year OSCE. I’m hoping to streamline my history taking so I don’t miss any important questions under the time pressure – definitely recommend.

KCL Student

Concise, relevant, really useful tips. One of the most useful books I have come across.


Amazing book, really helped with my SJT practice. The book is helpfully formatted into the different sections of the exam and there are many helpful hints and tips along the way. Recommend to anyone that is looking for a reliable revision aid.


This is a user friendly book. Easy to use and questions are similar to real exam. still doing so plenty to practice. good detailed answers. Really similar to the practice paper and helped give an idea about what the exam is about. Handy practical advice and well focused on the ethical/can clinical situations that the exam will actually be based. Strongly recommended