It has been a pleasure working with Subi, who has been thorough, well organised, and excellent throughout.


Uniadmissions has been very easy to work with. The company was happy to listen to our needs and provide us with a clear price list. Every time I have needed to email or ring Uniadmissions I have dealt with competent people who have been able to answer my question quickly. Everyone at the Uniadmission team has been friendly and clear. Our requirements were met and Uniadmissions were very flexible and understanding about last minute changes to plans. I look forward to hearing from someone from Uniadmissions soon so that we can create a package for the next academic year.

This year 3 students have been accepted to Cambridge and one has been pooled. I look forward to working with Uniadmissions again to improve this.

Thomas Farquand (Wembley High School)

Oxford International College educate high achieving and highly aspirational students. Many of our students aspire to attend the World’s leading Universities and apply to some of the most high profile and challenging courses. To support our students in their academic and career aspirations we have called upon the services of Uni Admissions. Uni Admissions have provided a first class service to us as a college and to individual students. Their ability to support students with all aspects of their University admission journey has been vital in ensuring that students are well placed to receive offers of places and/or course interviews. Uni Admissions have provided experienced and specifically skilled tutors who can work with students in their continued academic endeavours. Furthermore, at all times, Uni Admissions have been professional, supportive and a pleasure to work with.

Andy Dalgleish (Oxford International College)

The girls enjoyed the day and felt it was very helpful and I agree with them. Nikhil’s presentations were detailed and accessible and he was confident and his explanations were clear. He was very patient with the students and pitched things at the right level for them, and his timekeeping and pace were good. It was especially good for us that the balance of time was able to be spent in favour of the problem solving, as that is our particular students’ weakest area, so the flexibility of the course in that respect was great.

I would love to be able to ask for the course to be delivered again next year!

Bryony Ralph (Cheltenham Ladies College)

We at Mill Hill School have worked with UniAdmissions since the company was established and that is mainly due to the professionalism and excellent interaction experienced from working with Rohan and David.

Whatever we have asked for has always been accommodated and Rohan and David have always treated us as individuals and tailored the services provided to our specific needs. Throughout my time in advising on Higher Education , we have worked with other external providers in supporting our pupils with their competitive applications, but have at times, been disappointed when we have felt that our needs have not been paramount in terms of the service being provided. The tutors that UniAdmissions employ are knowledgeable and able to interact effectively with our pupils, engaging in a dynamic and positive way to help them maximise their potential. UniAdmissions have been able to offer a range of support both in-house and external to the School environment that has been of an excellent standard year after year.

Lesley Sharples (Mill Hill School)
Subi is really good, she’s great at addressing the specific problems I’m having, so it’s been really helpful.

We are very pleased. Thank you so much for persevering with us! If it had not been for Millie and her encouragement, support and dedication, I am convinced that Aamani would not have achieved so high. I am sure Aamani will corroborate the sentiment. I am so impressed by your organisation and cannot speak highly enough of you all.

A big THANKS to Millie and thanks again for all you did for Aamani this week.

Atiyya (Mother)
Offers from Cambridge, Lancaster and Leeds.
“I really can’t reccomend David enough – His tips on how to approach  MMIs  made all the difference when it came to interview and led to Zahra getting  offers to study medicine. “
Offers from Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester.
David was great – he really knew his stuff and was always available to answer my calls and emails at short notice. Worth every penny.”

Offers from Oxford, Keele and Leeds.

“Please pass on our thanks to Jonas – Leo got an offer from Oxford to study medicine today and it wouldn’t have been possible without his expert help”
medical school interview tuition review
JOSEPH (Leo’s Father)

I found the UKCAT book incredibly helpful. I was able to apply the tips in the book to my revision and they saved me a lot of time. The massive number of practice questions allowed me to revise using the book for a long time.


The course is really good. I had so many questions and the tutors really helped me. There are not many resources for the ENGAA currently, so I would really recommend this course.


Best course for preparation. The workshops were really helpful as the tutors gave questions like what comes up in the exam and the tips given were extremely helpful in the exam. I would most definitely recommend this course to anyone who is taking the ENGAA exam.


Great course, plenty of practice and work on solutions with tutors, good preparation for the Admissions Assessment.


I am a prospective Cambridge applicant currently preparing for the ENGAA myself and the course was excellent in preparing me for this admission test.