The BMAT Basics | UniAdmissions Guide

The BMAT is an Admissions Test used by 8 UK Medical Schools as an alternative to the UCAT. There is some similarity between the two tests, but on the whole, the BMAT uses more genuine academic knowledge and problem-solving skill compared to the UCAT. Rest assured though, the BMAT is not insurmountable. Here, tricks and tips to maximise your score.


How to prepare for the BMAT essay

Although you still have time before you have to start studying for your BMAT exam, there is good reason to get in the right frame of mind now. This is not as straightforward as the general question and answer part of the test, which you can practise well in advance of the test. However, that doesn’t mean you should overlook the importance of preparation when it comes to essay writing…


BMAT Preparation Tips

The BMAT is a challenging exam that requires excellent academic knowledge and problem-solving skills. Preparation for the BMAT is essential, and we have a wealth of advice on the different sections of the test to help you achieve the highest possible score. At UniAdmissions we also offer BMAT preparation courses to give students the support they need.