Getting the invitation to a Cambridge medicine interview can be a make-or-break.

It’s the last step on your journey to finally getting an offer. There is, however, a way to prepare for the dreaded medical interview, so worry not! Here is some advice that we have collected from current Cambridge medicine students for your Cambridge medicine interview.

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  1. Prepare your A-Level syllabus

Someone once said ”by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” and the Cambridge medicine interview is no exception. Make sure you have revised all essential topics from your Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry A-Levels as you can be tested on this information.

When revising, try to focus on understanding the concepts instead of memorising information as you may have to apply your knowledge in completely different contexts. If you do any other science A-Levels, it can be useful to revise them as well. A focus on Biology is recommended, however, as that is most relevant to Medicine.

You may be presented with visual information such as diagrams of cells or organs and be asked to describe what is going on in the image. Brush up on this knowledge! The diagrams in each chapter of your Biology textbook are a great way to revise this. Previous students have also been asked questions on genetics, plant biology and cell biology.


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  1. Show your motivation

Try to show your enthusiasm for the subject. This sounds harder than it is. If you are actually interested in medicine and have a genuine motivation to study it, it will come through your answers and general behaviour during the interview.

Take the Cambridge medicine interview as an opportunity to talk to some of the world’s leading academics about a subject you are passionate about. With this mindset, you will come to see the Cambridge medicine interview as more of an enjoyable experience than a challenge that you must get through!


  1. Be teachable

During the Cambridge medicine interview, if you do not know the answer to a question or are struggling with a concept, your interviewers will try to give you hints along the way. Acknowledge these hints as such and use them as stepping stones to the final answer.

Remember that the final interview is modelled on a supervision. Supervisions are a one-on-one discussion with an academic – a feature of teaching that is unique to Oxford and Cambridge. Your interviewers are, amongst other things, trying to see if you are someone who can learn quickly. By showing that you are ‘teachable’, you will be demonstrating this effectively.

“The tutors are all really nice and are not trying to catch you out. Some of the questions may be challenging but just take your time and think out loud.”

Delphine’s experience of a St. John’s College Cambridge Medicine Interview

  1. Watch this mock Cambridge medicine interview

UniAdmissions have created this video of a mock Cambridge medicine interview. It is an excellent resource for trying to see what your real interview might be like. Interviewers will try to help you more than they are trying to catch you out so don’t worry!


  1. Explain your thought process

Unlike other university interviews, the Cambridge medicine interview is designed to discover your thought process and how you approach problems. Even when you do know the correct answer to a question, it can be incredibly helpful to vocalise each step in your thought process that leads you the solution.

Even if you don’t feel very confident about a question, saying your thoughts out loud can help see the interviewer how you think. They will find out what factors you consider while you make a decision. All of which can be incredibly beneficial to your application!


  1. Believe in yourself

Last but not the least, make sure to stay confident throughout the interview and don’t let one bad question ruin your whole performance. If you were invited to interview, it clearly means that Cambridge saw potential in you. They think you can get an offer; act like it!

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