What’s the Best Interview Course 2018 for University?

What is the best interview course 2018? If you’re struggling to understand what is expected of you at the interviews, or you want to practice the different interview scenarios, then take at the courses on offer at UniAdmissions.


Where can I find the best interview course 2018?

Once you’ve completed your Personal Statement, you will no doubt be turning your attention to interview preparation. This is the part of the application which applicants tend to seek out most support for. With the right support and guidance, the interview need not be something to be feared!

UniAdmissions have the best interview course 2018 to help applicants feel confident and prepared.

Preparing for the Oxbridge interview by yourself can be extremely daunting. Whilst there is a lot of information in the public domain, it is difficult to discover what is the most reliable and useful of this. It is particularly difficult for applicants given the stories published in the popular press. Many of these stories are exaggerations. It remains the case that the best way to prepare for interviews is by preparing in the conventional way. Preparation should include reading around your subject and taking opportunities for practice interviews.

UniAdmissions offer a fantastic interview preparation course, which is run by experienced tutors. These tutors have been where you have been and have studied at either Oxford or Cambridge. Having exposure to them on the best interview course 2018 is the best form of preparation for the Oxbridge interview process.


What does the course offer?

UniAdmissions provide the best practice course for the interview. The day consists of, among other things, the following support sessions:

One-on-one practice interviews from expert tutors. This is a fantastic way of preparing for the interview itself. By being asked the sort of questions you are likely to encounter in the real interview, you will have a better understanding of what to expect. Students who have been on our courses repeatedly attest to the usefulness of the experience in preparation.

During the course, you will also have the chance to work in small groups with a tutor to talk through the tricky questions the admissions tutors might present during the interview. The tutors have years of experience teaching students and know the ins and outs of the current admissions process. You can meet the tutors and take a look at the subjects in which they specialise in. This is an opportunity to be stretched and challenged on a topic that goes beyond the confines of the A-level syllabus.

You will also be surrounded by like-minded peers throughout the course of the day. The best interview course 2018 gives you the opportunity to learn from others applying to your subject be it Medicine/Dentistry, Science or humanities.

Book Soon – What are you waiting for?

Book your place on one of our courses to receive expert guidance from our tutors. This is the best interview course 2018. UniAdmissions has been supporting A-Level students with their university applications and interviews for many years. Our team has the experience needed to help students like you to achieve the best outcomes in their applications by building on their interview training skills. Students who have taken the course have been three times more likely to secure a place on their desired course.

Book now and secure your place on the UniAdmissions interview preparation course.

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