Oxford Application Preparation: Is Oxford For Me?

Preparing an application to Oxford: Is Oxford for me? Preparing an application for admission to Oxford is extremely demanding and takes a long period of time. Some students start preparing because they feel they have to. Others may believe that it is expected of them. Most students prepare to enter Oxford without even knowing if it is the right university for them.

Oxford Interview Techniques for your Child

Advice on Oxford Interview Techniques for your Child before their Interview. With Oxford interview season upon us, it can be tricky as a parent to know how best to help your child, particularly if you’ve never even studied the subject they’re applying for! Here are some top tips about Oxford interview techniques that you can help your child with.

A Review of UCL Medical School

Why you Should Consider UCL Medical School. UCL Medical School is one of the top medical schools in the UK. With an exciting course and offering the opportunity to live in the UK’s most dynamic city. Here, you’ll get all the details you need about what this course has to offer!