Womens Day Event 5th September

Studying at university is often a big culture shock for students, along with a multitude of other shocks to the system. You've left home. You've started doing independent research. It's the first time you've worked with your tutors. It can be difficult to have the confidence to support yourself, but it's not impossible.

Author: Adi Sen

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Studying at university is often a big culture shock for students, along with a multitude of other shocks to the system.

You’ve left home. You’ve started doing independent research. You’re working with your tutors for the first time.

It can be difficult to have the confidence to hold your own – but it’s far from impossible!

Many of us felt the same way when we began our university lives, but, this didn’t need to be the case.

That’s why we created the UniAdmissions Women’s Day event (click here to register – it’s free).

The Details

  • This full day event is completely free of charge and available to anyone who wishes to join.
  • We will be looking at a range of challenges which women often face when applying for university, as current students and academics before, during, and after their time at university.
  • Throughout the day you’ll hear from successful women in a whole range of fields, with varied experiences in academia and beyond.
  • We’ll be covering everything from a history of female engagement in the sciences, the nuances of applying as an international or mature student, tips for challenging internal bias and maintaining motivation and a work-life balance, and you can dip in and out to the events that interest you throughout the day.
  • We’re holding the entire event online due to COVID-19 and ease of use for our attendees. We want you all to leave this event feeling empowered and ready to take on the next steps in your life without any disadvantages, whether they’re psychological or not.

The Schedule

10:00AM - 10:30AM

Introductory Session

In this session, Barbara will take the floor and go through some of the aims for the day and what you can expect from the rest of our fantastic speakers. We intend for you to get a feel for the day to come.

11:00AM - 12:00AM

Women In STEM [Panel]

This panel will be hosted by Chloe, Ana, Shan and a few other speakers. The panel have succeeded in their respective fields and are looking to pass their experience forwards to help the next generation.

12:00PM - 13:00PM

International Applicants To Oxbridge

Hosted by Dessislava, this talk is all about supporting international applicants on their journey to Oxbridge and beyond. Dessislava will talk about the challenges she faced and give advice to current applicants.

13:30PM - 14:30PM

Ancient Roles Of Women

This talk will be hosted by Ramani. She aims to provide insight into the historical role of women in Ancient Rome and Latin literature, then will discuss the applicability of these roles in today's world. A valuable talk for history buffs.

14:30PM - 15:30PM

BME Medical Applicants

This talk is all about applying to Oxbridge as a BME student. We'll cover the challenges of being a medical student during the era of COVID-19 and personal advice to other applicants in the same situation.

15:30PM - 16:30PM

Progressing In Academia

Hosted by Coco, this talk covers how to progress in academia as a woman. She will talk about what it's like to study at Cambridge and how to call out internal bias when applying for jobs/courses beyond the undergraduate level.

16:30PM - 17:00PM

Wrapping Up

This will be the final talk, wrapping up our Women's Day event. This will be delivered by Barbara. You'll also have the opportunity for a Q&A with various speakers of the day if you have any burning questions.

How do I join?

To join the webinar, simply visit this page and fill out the registration form for free. You’ll be taken to RunTheWorld where the webinar is hosted to enter a few details and get the link for the day.

We can’t wait for the event and would love to see as many of you there as possible. We truly believe this will help any women looking to apply to university, or currently facing challenges in their life due to their gender.  

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