Admissions Tests Taken On Computer 2020

How will admission tests be conducted online/computer-based in 2020? Due to the continued impact of COVID-19, many admission tests will be conducted online/computer-based instead of their normal paper-based format. Many students are wondering how exactly this computerised format will work, whether they will have to carry their own laptop, what the system will be like and much more.

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How will Admissions Tests be taken online/on a computer in 2020?

Due to the continued impact of COVID-19, many admissions tests are being taken on a computer/online instead of their normal paper-based format.

This includes the BMAT (Biomedical Admissions Test), the TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment) Oxford and Cambridge, and the TMUA (Test for Mathematics University Admission).

Many students are wondering exactly how this computerised format will work, whether they will need to bring their own laptop, what the system will look like and more.

Cambridge Admissions Assessment, the company who administers most major admissions tests, has released a demo version of the system.

Note: This system still has potential to change so it may not be exactly the same as you see on the day, however, the majority should remain the same with just over two weeks to go until admissions tests are sat. You should read this information with this in mind.

How will the online/computerised format work for admissions tests?

The Admissions Test is still written by Cambridge Admissions Assessment, but the delivery of the test is through a company called mettl. mettl specialise in online examinations and assessments, so they are well suited to the task.

What we know so far is that you will be given a link to open on your computer, or a computer provided by the assessment centre.

This link will open a new window for you that looks something like this:


You will then go through several checks to ensure that you cannot cheat by having resources open on another window, or reading from notes on your desk.

These checks include the following (and others that we may not currently be aware of):

Will I need to bring my own laptop or computer?

Your school or test centre will be able to advise you on whether or not you need to bring your own laptop or whether one will be provided for you.

What if I cannot attend because I am quarantining?

One of the main reasons why Cambridge Admissions Assessment moved the test to this format is so that they could cope with quarantined students to give them a fair chance at the assessment as every other student.

If you are quarantining, you may be able to take your admissions test remotely. This does, however, only apply to the BMAT, CTMUA, TMUA and TSA. These are the tests that are now being taken on a computer. Pen and paper tests, for obvious reasons, cannot be taken and monitored remotely by mettl.

Try it for yourself

We hope this quick guide has given you some insight into what your upcoming test date will be like. If you’re keen to have a look for yourself, mettl have a demo test which you can go into and make sure everything is working as intended.

You can check this out here.

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